Licensed and Certified: Top Tier Lash Artist Qualities

Looking for the best Lash Artist in Rochester, NY but have no clue what to keep on the lookout for? Look no further! I’ll give a quick list of things to pay attention to when searching for your next lash artist or just make it easy and come to me! wink wink!

But seriously, lash extensions are one of the most delicate and tedious services. The health of your eyes and lashes should be a priority amongst a great experience and outcome. To avoid being on a news article warning people against lash extension here are some things to consider before booking!

1. Knowledgeable and Professional: The industry gets a bad reputation for having unprofessional providers that frequently cancel or tack-on unnecessary fees. To avoid wasted money, reach out to some providers that exhibit the style you’re looking for and pay attention to not only reviews but the following:

  • Are they willing and confident in explaining the process to you? Taking the time to put new clients at ease should be a given. They should be able to explain the difference between styles, application process, realistic time estimates, and aftercare instructions without agitation.  
  • Do they have a booking website? Booking websites make things more efficient for clients and providers, it's a green flag if there is one!
  • Do they respond in a timely manner? Each artist makes their own rules for how they set up their work-life balance but if you're not receiving answers within the 24 hour window and they aren’t on medical leave or vacation, it may be time for a conversation or searching for a new provider. 
  • Are they often late? If you find yourself arriving before they do (5 mins or less earlier) or waiting in the parking lot for them to  show up this is a huge red flag for inconsideration. They should respect your time as much as you respect theirs.
  • Are they reliable? Emergencies happen but if you find yourself being rescheduled frequently or canceled on, it may be time to look elsewhere!
  • Are there consent forms? Legally, every service requires a consent form prior to the service being completed. If there isn’t one present, alarm bells should be sounding in your head! 
  • Do you see certificates on the wall or near the station? Continuing education is what sets providers apart. Just like no one is still getting chunky untoned highlights, the same goes for lashes. Techniques and technology change over time and further education reflects that.


2. Cleanliness and Hygiene: Now that some states are removing the requirement of licensure regarding Lash Extensions, the standard of cleanliness will shift educator by educator. I’ve gotten a stye after going to a lash artist that used hand sanitizer to wipe down the head of the esthetics bed.. Yikes! To be fair, it was my first time! Here are some things that ensure a safe and sanitary experience:
  • Barbicide (a transparent light blue liquid) in a container should be present. This ensures that viral germs and/or bacteria are being eliminated before tools are used on another client. 
  • Cleaning equipment: Are they using hospital grade Cavicide to sanitize or is there lysol present?
  • Their Set up: should include a lot of single use applicators, gel pads, dental bibs. 
  • The room: Does it appear clean? Are there dust bunnies in the corners or lash tarantulas beneath the bed?
  • Does the esthetics bed/recliner appear clean? Is there mud-marks by the feet area or is it covered in a cloth cover? Are there stains or a smell?


3. Precision and Attention to Detail: Application is the bread and butter of the service. The lash artist should be able to complete a variety of styles and tailor sets to your liking. Both your eyes should be evenly lashed and relatively symmetrical. 

  • Does the artist listen to your needs or wishes? If the style or request is out of their realm of expertise it’s at this time the client should be made aware and manage expectations or recommend another artist.
  • Do the lashes look even? Both eyes should be symmetrical in length, curl and fullness. As the weeks go on if one eye is lashed more than the other it can look a little wonky before the next fill. Artists that lash both eyes rather than one at a time are able to see if the lash lines are uneven and make adjustments.
  • Are there natural lashes attached to the extension when they shed? The need for fills is because the lash line sheds 1-5 lashes a day. If there is significant fall out in the first 72 hours, reach out to your provider to troubleshoot the premature fallout. If there is no natural lash attached, there may be an issue with application or products.
  • Do you often feel poking or soreness on the lash line? This is caused by improper application. The sensation of soreness can be glue on the lash line which can lead to further complications or the lashes stuck together which will tug on the natural lashes creating that tenderness. Feeling poking is due to a lash extension placed too close to the lid not leaving room for swelling (as our lids naturally do at night.) Make sure to bring any of these up to your provider so they can be properly addressed.

4. Passion and Reputation: Reviews and word of mouth can be the most impactful when it comes to booking with a business or provider. Ask around! See who your friends and family go to and what their experience is like but be sure to pay attention to the following: 

  • Consistency: Are you hearing all different things about a provider or are there comments and themes that keep getting brought up? 
  • The Space: What do they say about space and experience? Some clients prefer efficient services while others go to relax, unwind and get pampered. Find what you value most!
  • The Value: Do those around you feel like it's worth the value? When prices increase is it visible in the space, experience or retention? I increased prices when I took an extra class improving my retention as well as installing a heated bed for my client’s comfort.
  • The Passion: Do they seem to be genuinely excited to make people feel good or do you get the impression that it’s a money grab? It makes a difference if you’re being charged for each and every little thing or if you’re rushed out after you’ve paid. 

Hopefully this helps you when deciding your next lash experience! Want to book with me? Head over to the Lashes or Brows page and click Book! It will take you to my booking link on Vagaro!